This is only a test

I’m testing out wordpress and their app to see if it’s the way to go with nonprofit websites.

So far, so good, though I do feel like I should write a little bit more to add content and take up space.

We’ll see. Or we won’t see.

As for this site’s original purpose, I started it way back when (2012?) when the illicit ivory trade and decimation of elephant populations really began to take off. I thought, “I know what to do, I’ll start a movement and name it “Ivory AIn’t Cool!” We’ll use social media to penetrate the market for ivory goods and let them know that ivory, like cigarettes, furs, and pedophilia, just ain’t cool. As people in these markets (China, mostly) became aware of how uncool and unglamorous ivory is, they won’t buy it. 

Problem solved!

My first hiccup was a conversation with a friend-o’-friend, a Chinese American with a PRC-born wife (and daughter to some honcho in the government there). First bubble that he burst was informing me that Facebook is banned in China, as were several other social media tools that I was planning on utilizing (Instagram). So much for that. Furthermore, he was a bit… skeptical on the concept of creating social change from abroad and overall he was pretty critical of modern Chinese society in general, but in a nice way.

That was the first bubble that burst.

The other bubbles were the fact -and these were positive bursts of bubbles- that the ain’t ivory/save the elephant movement was really taking off. I realized my job was pretty much done when Yao Min and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called out the illicit elephant slaughter and began taking major game-shifting action to stop it. The culture began shifting. Elephants haven’t been saved, but the slaughter (BIG HUGE KNOCK ON WOOD HERE) began abating.

Did ‘Ivory Ain’t Cool’ have a play on that change? No, not really. Was IAC part of a create global outcry over the slaughter of elephants? Sure. Lessons learn: in general when tackling issues, best to tackle something that’s a little more manageable. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. And be really rich and/or have access to lots of money, cause that’s always helpful.